Friday, October 12, 2012


Welcome to
Days In Vermont

For months now, we have been thinking about creating a blog.  Our idea started when Ben (shown below - now much older and bigger) decided to create a library in his room.  His library is called Trunk Full-O-Books - more on this later (Trunk Full-O-Books).   From there, we realized that we actually have a lot to share.  We want to talk about books, but also we want to talk about the many things we find interesting, and funny and concerning and exciting and... highly annoying, and scary, and hopeful.  I don't think that adequately sums up the point of this blog, but it does lead us in a direction we are willing to wander for now.  

No blog of ours would be complete without a picture of another significant member of our family, Leo.   For your viewing pleasure we present Leo*,  reading a book, of course:

*He too, has grown a bit.

I am a mom living in Southern Vermont with my husband and two boys.  I am a lot of things besides a mom, but that is how I identify myself above all else.  There will be more about me later, I think... this blog is admittedly a loose endeavor.  I am a notoriously poor correspondent, which belies the fact that I  am often overwhelmed with love for my family and friends.  Like all people, my day to day life is full of responsibility and commitment - but I am a dreamer, a reader, a cancer "survivor" and a thinker.  As a mom,  I have great hope for my boys and for myself.   In my small way, I want to help them understand (while constantly reminding myself)  that greatness is fleeting and so joy must be found in the day-to-day.  In an odd way, this following video captures just that. I hope my boy and I feel this way at least once a day - even if for a moment.   Enjoy.

The Joy I Seek

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Looking forward to hearing about books and more from a Vermont perspective.