Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor, Nor Does One Simply Make a Hobbit Costume

Part I.

Walking into Mordor.  It sounds easy enough, lovely even.  Hey, maybe you'll even find a cute cafe along the way!  If you have read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy however, then you know the difficult trek that lies ahead.  As Boromir famously says, "One does not simply walk into Mordor".  Turns out, one does not simply make a hobbit costume either.  Oh, and there are no cute cafes along the way.

Every year I have made our Halloween costumes (poorly).  As with many things, my vision of what I am capable of and what I am actually capable of are... well, disproportionate.  Nevertheless, I have always been committed to creating costumes at home.  In the past*  we have gone as mummies, Daphne and Scooby Doo, a family of aliens, angry celery, a rainbow, swiss army knife and a ninja.  At the height of my thematic creativity, the boys went as mailboxes, I went as a postcard from Alaska,  and dad was the mailman.

This year, Ben and I hope to go as Hobbits.  Ben will be Frodo and I will be one of the sad looking extras from The Shire.  Leo, originally interested in going as Legolas, revealed at the last minute that he really, really wants to be a Star Wars character.  After researching "How to Make a Storm Trooper Costume" online, I came to the uncharacteristically wise conclusion that making two hobbit costumes between now and Halloween is really all I can hope to manage.  I relented and, with a mildly broken heart, bought Leo this.   The good news: It fits!

The dawning of a new day for the Ramirez family,  
as evidenced by an exceptionally thrilled Leo.  

With renewed confidence after my successful purchase, Ben and I began working on our costumes in earnest. What does one really need to look like a hobbit besides the leathery feet and pointy ears?  With luck we found these things called "Funny Feet", drew veins on them, and then went at them with spray paint.

Please don't spray mom in the face.  

Who needs help from Gandalf?  We're doing pretty well on our own.  

Stay tuned for thrilling Part II, where we add hair to the feet and figure out what to wear! 

*Can't resist adding the Angry Celery.

*Or the mummy.

Is it my imagination, or does Scooby have a wedgie?  

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  1. If only I could do half a costume on my own, I would consider it a serious accomplishment. WOW. can't wait to see the final product.